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The Show

Il Gonfalone During our shows, the Company flows through streets and squares, where attracts the audience with flag evolutions and historic music. A standard-bearer guides the colorful parade carrying with him the "Gonfalone", a wonderful flag hand-painted by the old-school master painter of our town, Antonio Marroni, that pictures a view of Cittā della Pieve.

Following, the main "traditional" exhibitions, but a large number of other kinds of exercises can be planned to fit every single logistic need. In order of having a more precise idea of what our show is, we invite you ordering us our promotional dvd through one of our e-mail in the Contact Us page.


Traditional SoloTraditional Solo

Traditional DuoTraditional Duo

Small TeamSmall Team

Grande SquadraBig Team

Night ShowNight Show

Musicians CoreographyMusicians Coreography

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