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Sbandierando: la storia

Flagthrowing: the history in Dvd Original footage from 1969 to present, gathered in a dvd that narrates the history of the flag in Cittā della Pieve: a chance to see how we were and a great way to understand the evolution in flag throwing techniques and music during these years.

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Histarical Research

SbandierAutori - Il libro sull'arte della bandieraAfter a long work and with the help of important experts, our Company is proud to present one of the very few modern books about the art of flag throwing: SbandierAutori.

The book contains not only essays about our Company tradition, but mainly on the flag throwing art in history and nowadays. For these essay we also received a great support from historicians and professors of national level: We would like to thank Vittorio Dini, Luciano Artusi, Giovanni Nardoni.

We strongly believe in this project, that confirmsthe attention of our Company for the historical aspect of this wanderful activity, sport and form of art art at the same time.

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