About Us

The Company was founded under the name Sbandieratori "Trasimeno" of Città della Pieve (PG) in 1981 in a Renaissance town where historical and folk reenactments had already been taking place since the 1960s. The Company consists of ensigns, drums, clarions and, of course, flag-wavers and now numbers more than 60 elements. In its 40 years of activity, the Company counts in its résumé more than 1,000 performances in all regions of Italy and in different countries of Europe and the world. Our company is currently enrolled in the LIS (Lega Italiana Sbandieratori) and participates every year in the Italian Championships of Musicians and Flag-wavers, obtaining excellent results for both the Flag-wavers and the Musicians group. Mile Company of Italy LIS in 2016 and always on the podium in the Musicians Solo and Grand Team categories.

The Flag-Wavers Group is divided into several categories, related to the different age groups, starting with the "Little Flag-Wavers" and ending with the "Juniors," the now 20-year experience of many elements of the group. The Company's rehearsals, an important opportunity for technical growth and aggregation, are held throughout the year in order to present performances that are always new and engaging, as well as more technically advanced. Since the establishment of the Flag School, each new element is accompanied, through the teaching of the Masters, to the discovery of this wonderful tradition, aiming not only for technical growth but also for involvement in the social life of the Company. The effort and sacrifice on the part of each individual member has led over the years to important awards, both for the quality of the performances and for the fellowship that holds the Company together. 
The Gruppo Musici the fast-paced and engaging rhythms of the drums accompany all the evolutions of the flag-wavers, and when the ringing of the clarions bursts in, the emotions and sensations one feels while watching the show are really strong and a plunge into the past, into the distant Renaissance era, is inevitable. The songs that are offered during the performances were composed by the boys in years past and are passed down together with technique and passion for music. The group has always demonstrated full performance ability during the shows, achieving the highest awards during the Italian LIS championships (from 1997 to 2012 and from 2015 to 2019 the musician group ranked among the top three places) and in many other events at the national level.