Sbandieratori e Musici Città della Pieve - FLAG TEAM

The Show

An intense and bursting rhythm of drums, snares and clarions accompanies the movement of the flags that rise in a dance of colors and twirls.This is what our group can offer, an intense spectacle of history and folklore, but also of innovation, research, plays of light and fire, engaging performances that know how to amaze each time with new emotions.

Flag and Drum School

The primary purpose of Flag School is to train young recruits, with ages ranging from twelve to sixteen, for the later inclusion of boys within the group. It is not only for little ones, but also for older boys and girls who want to have fun, fellowship and have common goals. Our Group performs various performances throughout the year, including abroad, and participates in the competitions and championships of the Italian Flag-waving League. Join YOU in our fantastic world as well.

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