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The Company

The Compagnia Sbandieratori e Musici di Cittā della Pieve

The Company today counts over than 50 elements (standard bearer, drums, trumpets and flag-throwers) and in its thirty years of activity counts in its curriculum vitae more than 500 shows in every part of Italy, in various european countries and in the rest of the world. Our Company is member of the LIS (Italian Sbandieratori League) and partecipates every year at the National Parade always obtainig good results in the flag-throwing competitions and in the musician coreography as well.


  • 2016 ITALY'S BEST TEAMOroBig Team
  • 2015OroBig Team
  • 2014ArgentoBig Team
  • 2013ArgentoBig Team

    BronzoSmall Team
  • 2012BronzoMusicians
  • 2011ArgentoBig Team
    BronzoTraditional Duo
  • 2010OroMusicians
    ArgentoTraditional Duo
  • 2009SilverMusicians
    BronzeSmall Team
  • 2008ArgentoMusicians
    BronzoBig Team
    BronzoTraditional Duo
  • 2007ITALY'S BEST TEAMOroSmall Team
    ArgentoTraditional Duo
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Curriculum Vitae

Scarica il curriculum

Our history, our shows, our experience. All the details are in our CV.

Download our CV (*.pdf)

School of flag

The Company carryes on an all year long project to teach the Art of Flag-throwing. Every year new people enjoy learning from our Flag Masters. If you are interested you can contact us for a workshop here in Cittā della Pieve or directly in your city!

Our flag-school sessisons

Wednsday, from 9pm to 11pm
Palazzetto dello Sport
Via del palazzetto, 1 - Cittā della Pieve

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